About Me

My name is Riitta Raesmaa. I am an entrepreneur, and live in Helsinki, Finland.

Background in B2B Software Business (ERP, Business Intelligence, IT Service Management/IT Operations Management), now building Online Contract Management service in the cloud with my entrepreneur friends. M.Sc. (Econ.) with computer science twist (Stockholm University/KTH Royal Institute of Technology).

My professional interests at the moment are Social Business Design, Cloud Computing, SaaS business model, SCRM and Enterprise 2.0. Other topics of interest are design, innovation, and books.

My days are filled with business development, software and services productization, unlearning of the old way of communication, sales & marketing, and surfing on the Social Media volcano. And there is something in the Nordic way of thinking that makes me think awry. Consider yourself warned.

The language of my blog posts is English, Finnish or both, depending on the topic.

Something extra on the personal side:

  • I am a daughter of a librarian. I have too many books, I buy books I don’t need, and I enjoy whenever I can read a book from cover to cover at once (on vacations mainly).
  • I admire people who are so energetic that they can make any subject interesting. I am being surprised by my lovely friends all the time.
  • I do enjoy discussions in which there’s true respect and interest towards each others opinions and experiences: discussions which actually affect and improve our thinking are the best.
  • Unlearning & learning sets me on fire.
  • I am old enough to enjoy any compliments about youthfulness (I am deeply middle-aged).
  • Travel addict.
  • Ex Girl Scout, so “Be prepared” is tattooed in my mind.
  • And finally, I am a proud co-owner of a beautiful DC-3 Dakota. Google OH-LCH.

Grateful of your feedback & comments!


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